Our Menu:

    • Lumpia
      Spring roll served with peanut sauce or sweet sour sauce.
    • Ayam Sambal Matah
      Combination of fried chicken and boilled long bean sour sauce.
    • Urap Campur
      Mixed boiled vegetables with coconut sauce.
    • Mixed Salad
      Fresh tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, and cabbage served with French dressing sauce.
    • Tropical Salad
      A combination of pineapple, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, and slice boiled chicken served with home made coctail sauce.

    • Timbungan Be Siap
      Traditional munduk soup with chop chicken and slice cassava leaf.
    • Vegetables Soup
      This is vegetarian soup with fresh mixed vegetables and tofu.
    • Soto Ayam
      Chicken soup with sliced cabbage, noodle and bean sprout.
    • Calon Be Celeng
      Pork meat ball soup with potatoes.
    • Tomato Soup
      Tomatoes soup garnish with crouton.

    • Be Siap Betutu
      Traditional Balinese steamed chicken in banana leaf served with rice and mixed boiled vegetables with coconut sauce.
    • Ayam Panggang
      Grilled chicken with Balinese traditional onion sauce served with steamed rise and mixed boiled vegetables with coconut sauce.
    • Babi Kecap
      Stir fried pork in sweet soy sauce served with rice.
    • Sate Lilit Babi
      Grilled mixed chop pork meat with shredded coconut served with rice.
    • Ikan Goreng Sambal Matah
      Fride whole local fish with onion served with rice and fresh tomatoes, cucumber and long beans.
    • Ikan Bumbu Bali
      Poached whole local fish in a delicious Balinese sauce served with steamed rice and mixed boiled vegetables with coconut sauce.

    • Banana or Pineapple Pancake
      A banana or pineapple pancake cooked until golden brown served with Bali rice wine sauce.
    • Pisang Goreng
      Banana fritter served with melted palm sugar.
    • Kolak Pisang
      Boiled fresh banana in brown sugar served with coconut milk.
    • Dadar Gulung
      Combination of shraded coconut with sweet palm sugar rolled in a thin of crepe.
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